Hyperionized coal as PowerFuel for net zero agenda

increasing coal combustion efficiency by hyperionized !

It is generally known that the global project "NET ZERO" for climate conservation is not making progress! Here by STORM,s intend to offer techniques for preserving the environment and reducing temperatures by increasing the efficiency of combustion of thermal coal, the main carrier and source of energy for the production of electricity at main stations.


We propose to increase the calorific value of coal (by ❘ up to 30%) and the efficiency and "purity" of its combustion when used in industrial evaporators. Here is one example of the combustion of 5500 calorie per kilograms of coal after ionization by the STORM's Research Lasb. hyperionizer, calorie content HAS BEEN INCREASED TO 6500 KKal/kg!

The continuous chatter of corrupt UN officials has led to nothing!

Simon Stiell
No matter how they gather and chat, no one follows their instructions.

Therefore, we are starting to actively implement technology in industry and energy.

We also offer already hyperionized coal for delivery with improved quality (combustion calorific value) – contact us to get the best offer for the supply of ionized coal to save the cost of energy generation at thermal power plants. STORM's will save you up to 30% of the coal purchase!

how hyperionized coal combusting


improvement of coal combustion at STORM's PROJECTS [PDF]

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"PowerFuel" in USA

    Mr. Martin D. Wolons
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Who we are:

PowerFuel.de is hi­tech project of the STORM´s Research Labs, working in area of environmental impact of the energy generation and fuels combustion efficiency and improving the properties of the fuels for "Net Zero" agenda. A very important part of the STORM Research Labs. is the climate and weather change research.

You as a part of "Net Zero" agenda

get support by our highly experienced stuff from European fuels research, "Net Zero" agenda and carbon recovery.