PowerFuel™ — New Kind of High Performance Fuels

The video from diesel combustion efficiency improvement test:

why it is good for us, ­ because the "wind is high"...

TO DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO, – THAT YOU WATCH BY YOUTUBE – USE PLEASE FOLLOW LINKS (download with righ-cleck, and then save the target as...), — both of the video that follow are the same only in the different formates, please download one you can open.

For iPod formate (mp4):

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So what we offer you:

Excellent business + additional income opportunity with POWERfuel ™ unique business and marketing concept through strategic business alliances and partnerships. POWERfuel ™ development team will continue to support the domestic and international fuel distributors, dealers and bunkering providers in developing its distribution network aggressively and effectively for long–term mutual benefits. We welcome distributors, dealers or fuel bunkering providers for our innovative POWERfuel ™ technology and service; as well as brand reseller for all types of automotive, shipping and power generating applications.

You as a part of our Network

get support by our highly experienced stuff from German aerospace fuels research.