PowerFuelTM — New performance for ship’s engine

Have you an engine’s performance problem...?
Is the fuel consumption increased...?
Do inside of the engine looks something like that..?

ship engine trouble

Condition of an ship engine after STORM's service:

ship engine performance

A normal state of ship engines is a factor that worsens the completeness of fuel combustion. Storm service allows you to increase the efficiency and cleanliness of combustion of ship fuels, diesel inclusive!
The consequences of improperly done maintenance of ship engines...


In Germany / Europe:

    c/o LANDWEHR
    Sudetenstr. 121
    87600 Kaufbeuren / Bavaria
    email: RnD@powerfuel.de

In Malaysia / Asia

    383─D, Grd Flr, Tmn Peringgit Jaya, 75400 Melaka, Malaysia
    ☏ +60 18 2024421 (Phone┃Viber┃WhatsApp)


    Mr. Martin D. Wolons
    Brookfield, MA 01506, USA
    email: mwolons@storm-mail.eu

So what we offer you:

Excellent business + additional income opportunity with POWERfuel TM unique business and marketing concept through strategic business alliances and partnerships. POWERfuel TM development team will continue to support the domestic and international fuel distributors, dealers and bunkering providers in developing its distribution network aggressively and effectively for long–term mutual benefits. We welcome distributors, dealers or fuel bunkering providers for our innovative POWERfuel TM technology and service; as well as brand reseller for all types of automotive, shipping and power generating applications.

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