HyperDamp ® fire-fight effect

Creation of autonomous fire extinguishing !

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What we want to do:
Creation of autonomous fire extinguishing installations based on the HyperDamp ® effect (without the release of a fire extinguishing agent) for extinguishing oil and gas wells and platforms on the water surface and under water on the shelf of the seas and oceans (hereinafter referred to as technical fire extinguishing equipment based on the HyperDamp ® effect).

What we have:
STORM, when conducting research on the release of energy during the stabilization of the surface layer of the material of nodes operating at high temperatures, a side effect was obtained, in which an instantaneous cessation of combustion occurred, hereinafter called the "HyperDamp ® effect". In further studies, the HyperDamp ® effect was repeated many times with 100% reproducibility on surfaces of various areas and combustion temperatures, including combustion without direct oxygen access (under water fire).

The process of playing the HyperDamp ® effect is STORM know-how.


STORM proposes a project for the creation of technical fire extinguishing equipment based on the HyperDamp ® effect. The HyperDamp ® effect is scalable, which makes it possible to use it also for extinguishing fires:

  1. oil and gas wells and platforms on the surface of the water and on the shelf of the seas and oceans;
  2. woodlands;
  3. at industrial enterprises, including especially hazardous types of oil refineries, combined heat and power plants;
  4. inside buildings and structures (residential, non­residential, industrial, others);
  5. outside buildings and structures.

Who we are:

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