PowerFuelTM — New Kind of High Performance Fuels

The ship’s engine was purely serviced, have a subsidiary fuel (lauzy quality diesel) and have make a lot of strange sounds with fatty black smock run... (before we ionized the diesel) —
After... (looks self at the video below)...

before   after

Want to apply the PowerFuel TM technology, —

In Germany / Europe:

    c/o LANDWEHR
    Sudetenstr. 121
    87600 Kaufbeuren / Bavaria
    email: RnD@powerfuel.de

In Malaysia / Asia

    No. 4-1 Komplek Niaga Melaka Perdana
    Jln KNMP 3, Bukit Katil
    75450 Melaka


    Simple search our email ( RnD@powerfuel.de ) address in skype, You will get us as a SKYPE’s contact proposal.

So what we offer you:

Fuel Efficiency, Combustion Efficiency, Propeller & Main Fuel performance Management

By escalating of oil prices and increased environmental awareness, fuel efficient ship and vessel operation is more important for owners, operators and ship managers then before.

PowerFuel as a brand is a decision support for controlling and optimization of fuel efficiency. The service is based on the ship’s improve of engines performance and fuel’s better combustion.

Based on more than 20 years of experience, our service is created to optimise the operation and technical characteristics of hull, propeller, main engine performance, energy storage and management optimization and improvement of fuel combustion efficiency.

The PowerFuel TM Technology provides vessel performance optimization service for more than 100 different vessels, boats and ships. Our service offers owners, operators and ship managers a cost-saving concept for energy and fuel efficient operation of fleets and a consistent engines and gear performance improvement as well of hull, propeller and engine common technical conditions.

For Diesel Engines

PowerFuel TM offer a wide range of enviromentally optimized and performance upgrading for any kind and power range of diesel engines, or marine fuel internal combustion engines.

The 6–cylinder in line–engines with 200 HP or over 1000 HP powerplants with latests choice of outstanding torque can be still significant upgraded! Not to mention appropriately lower fuel consumption and emissions that any of PowerFuel TM brand’s product offered in package.

Using our PowerFuel TM latest technological advance you ship use the fuel more efficiently and longer service free period, the operating speed will be increase. You simple get from your investment more out under all operating conditions.

A welcome side effect from using our parallel product HyperCool TM is lower fuel consumption as well due to the reduced internal temperature that positively effect the Exhaust pipe that makes the operating of the vessel more secure. The lower operating temperature allow the diesel engines runs smoothly in every engine speed and power range. All that makes engines are exceptionally quiet and meet the most stringent of fuel consumption and emission requirements!