volksgrünTM – garbage conversion into renewable fuel & GTL

Gas zu flüssigem Kraftstoff & Brennstoff !

what we offer is "renewable"

The main objective of different regions is gaining energy independence, meaning to be able to produce alternative energy sources (fuel) on their own territory, preferably, with no waste, thus simultaneously solving ecological problems. Companies offering this kind of product will find themselves in more favorable conditions, since market competition is not there. Many countries in their time solved this problem using agricultural products for fuel production. However, the return was not high as at that time the process automation and optimization were on a very low level. Nowadays, computing and state–of–the–art technologies provide the opportunity of making the synthesis processes of different fuel kinds more efficient. It has caused a drastic growth in productive efficiency.

The research and development laboratory of STORM’s offers the designing, development, production, installation and technology transfer of "STORMiCO TM gas–to–liquid" and "garbage to fuel" plant(s) (for producing alternative fuel sources). The plant is intended for carbonaceous waste reprocessing, oil–polluted soil and water bodies restoration, as well as discharged water cleaning. It is also designed for production of different kinds of synthetic fuel and heat, electricity and distilled water. The "STORMiCO TM plant" covers rather vast branches of the modern market off–load for it helps to solve the issues affecting practically every human our activity areas.

Plant operation principle diagram of the "STORMiCO TM process"

stormico process for garbage conversion into fuel


equipment for natural gas to liquid fuel

GTL equipment

The plant has a closed loop, which eliminates any emissions into the atmosphere. Synthesizing fuel (diesel) of EURO–4 quality, composed of two components, allows receiving both high quality & "renewable" fuel gasoline & diesel fuel and aviation kerosene as well. Depending on the component ratio, this or that kind of fuel is produced. The distinctive feature of the plant(s) we offer is the low–cost fuel it produces thanks to the use of fundamentally new schemes in the pyrolyzed gas synthesis and in receiving the "KEY–A" component. The "STORMiCO TM plant" uses a scheme of the component "KEY–B" synthesis from nitromethane. The fuel in comparison with the traditional fuel kinds, but the concerned poisonous emissions are 2.5 to 3.0 times less toxic. But the fuel combustion energy output is 10 to 15 times higher of the existing kinds of fuel the same structure.

Regarding the solid waste we are getting as the result – the reprocessing rests that can be used for the road building. It’s reasonable to use the high amount of heat released by the "STORMiCO TM plant" operation, for heating communities, industrial projects, hot–house enterprises, sport facilities and others.

The smallest machinery

The smallest machine capabilities of the "STORMiCO TM plant" is build for average 3 cubic meters of waste utilization per hour, and has an output of the follow products in 3 options:
  • #1: The end–product are liquid fuel + electric power: 200 liters / hour of synthetic motor fuel (kerosene, gasoline–98, super–diesel) + 300 kw/hour.
  • #2: as the end–product — the electric power: 3.5 MW/hour
  • #3: as the end–product is heat only: 355 Kilo–hp/hour.

Available equipment’ option

We provide manufacturing and delivery of the stationary and smaller mobile plants with the capcities of the fuel production between 199 to 1190 liters of the ready synthesized fuels. The prices of the equipment are set–up so, that the industrial customers and municipalities make theirs payback in a period of approximately 2 to 3 years depending on the feedstock. This high return is connected with the plant capability:
  • Waste recycling without emitting it into the environment.
  • using a new generation of furnace, which takes away the open burning process. Burning process is replaced with the process of partial oxidation and it allows to increase heat emission by 2,5 to 3 times.
  • Quality synthetic engine fuels (like: gasoline, diesel, kerosene) produced by the "STORMiCO TM plant" costs 0.05 US$/liter (or 19 cents per gallon). This low cost is caused by the by–products — heat, electricity, distilled water as well as by waste processing.