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20MW STORM's Power – most powerful and efficient wind turbine in the world ╴ contribution to "Net╴Zero"

STORM's Wind Power R&D ─ The Real Alternative for Net-Zero

The investment in photovoltaics for the "Transrapid" can be even more lucrative by the return of electricity to the public grid, which is possible (obligatory) by the "European Union's Renewable Energy Act." A major advantage of the STORM's Wind Power modules is the "Dendrite" structure on the surface, which absorbs light from all angels, so no energy loss turns light & wind into electricity.
Flying through the desert at nearly 500 km/h with the power of the sun and wind by STORM's Wind Power technologies. Due to the "non-contact technology," the costs for vehicle and road maintenance are very low. In the event of a fault in one of the drive and control components, the remaining components can take over their responsibility and thus ensure high system availability. If an electronic component group fails in the vehicle, the high redundancy concept guarantees that the vehicle reaches the next destination. Here, the vehicle can be taken out of service, the defective component quickly replaced and then made available as a reserve.

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STORM's Wind Power for the place in Top 10 OEMs

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"Wind Power" to Malaysian Minister of Finance