Map of STORM's Power farm for 3GW

Why STORM's ?

– the most powerful and efficient wind turbine in the world STORM's Power is an engineering company engaged in research, development, design and supply of power equipment, including vertical axis wind turbines ("VAWT").

Wind power is a promising industry that is breaking away from archaic energy based on fossil fuels – natural gas, oil and coal – and is key to ensuring the energy sovereignty of any country, industry or region.

Using only the forces of nature to produce energy does not depend on the whims of the markets or the friendly intentions of the pioneers of this fossil fuel.

At the same time, the use of renewable energy sources is safer than nuclear energy, especially since only a handful of countries – the United States, France, Russia, China, Japan – have mastered nuclear energy technologies, and perhaps all countries producing nuclear power plants, that is, this market is monopolistic in nature, because once chosen supplier of NPP solution binds the consumer's country forever, because everyone has their own standards of consumables and TVELs for NPPs.

Hydro-energy is an ecologically safe industry, but it depends on the availability of hydro resources and not every country has them, besides, plain HPPs take too much land to create reservoirs.

Solar energy is simple and environmentally friendly, but it only makes sense in areas of the equatorial belt and the tropics, where insolation is higher, in addition, solar panels work for a maximum of 5-6 hours a day, and their energy must somehow be stored for use in the morning, evening and night hours.

Energy can be stored either in hydro storage (HAES) or battery power plants like the Tesla batteries, but the former require the land to be diverted to reservoirs, and the latter are a monopoly product of the Tesla company today.

For this reason, STORM's Power has focused its efforts and attention on wind power, especially on wind power of maximum capacity.

Today, the most powerful wind turbine in the world, the Vestas V164, has a rated capacity of 7 MW and in record conditions is capable of producing an average daily output of 9 MW. And it's the largest wind turbine on the planet. "The lower edge of its blades starts at about 80 meters from the ground, the upper end at 220 meters from it. Each of the three GRP blades weighs between 33 and 35 tonnes. The wind turbine of Vestas as a whole weighs 1300 tons, the base tower 4000 tons (with foundation)."

The Vestas V164 shows the practical limit for existing materials, design and delivery and assembly facilities. There are small reserves to increase the capacity of a similar turbine to 10-12 MW, it is no longer possible to make more powerful.

Vestas-V164 8MW wind turbine

Fig.1 Vestas V164 – 4000 tons with a concrete foundation, 1300 tons of construction, 100 tons in three fiberglass blades – and such a turbine can not be built on land, because the blade length of 80 meters can not be brought by land.

STORM's Power is going its own way – we are developing turbines of much higher capacity, up to 20'MW and we plan to reach 50'MW and then 100'MW of rated capacity by using vertical-axis wind turbines, the idea of which is conditionally shown in the following figure:

new STORM's Power VAWT 20MW wind turbine, – 4249'04.29

The STORM's Power "Vertical Axis Wind Turbine" (VAWT), in contrast to the huge whistling blade poles and the generator, which is located at an enormous height, has a powerful base with the generator at ground level, the generator rotor rotates on the vertical axis, and the turbine blades operate in a favorable balanced rotation.

Such turbine due to its design features can adapt to the wind force and keep working up to wind speeds of hurricane force, up to 100m per second and even more. The lack of a mechanism for turning the turbine to the wind simplifies its design and reduces the cost of maintenance. At the same time, no special equipment is required to evacuate personnel from the generator located at high altitude.

STORM's Power units of this type can be installed not only at sea, like the Vestas offshore turbines, but anywhere, including near populated areas, due to much less acoustic and wireless interference from horizontal-axis wind turbines.

The 20'MW turbine of STORM's Power will be the first of its kind and can be installed on land, in different parts of the Earth, with an expected 20 to 50 units, followed by 40 or 50'MW units (now in research & development by STORM's Power), more efficient and with less specific material consumption.

For comparison, this turbine, with a rated capacity of 20'MW, should have a mass together with the foundation not exceeding 3200 tons.

The advanced technological STORM's Power "Vertical Axis Wind Turbine" on 20 MW power on the following conditions:

– rated wind speed 11 m/s,
– offshore or onshore, no concrete base required, new tech;
– height 230 m;
– diameter 300 m;
– rated aerodynamic power 56 MWatt;
– rated electrical power 22 MWatt;
– life time >60 years;
– cut-in speed 5 m/s;
– cut-off speed - n/a (withstands hurricane up to 100 m/s);