using the new kind of propeller screw — "Die Schiffsschraube"

The ship’s propeller screw BEFORE—AND—AFTER
Before we starts with a recovery (screw’s propeller surface overhaul) . A very pure surface quality with sure a lot of energy losing by ship operation on that part only.

screw’s propeller surface before recovery

Ship’s screw propeller surface before overhaul done by STORM’s "ReCover Service" for saving marine fuels...

And the ship’s screw propeller after overhaul

ship’s screw propeller optimized for saving fuel

Ship’s screw propeller surface after overhaul from STORM’s "ReCovery Service" for saving marine fuels...

There is not ONLY an engine performance that is responsible for the fuel consumption at a marine vessel (ship), but the hydrodynamical effects on a "screw propeler" as well, and that is exactly the problem, what we solving. With our new screw propeller recover service the saving of the energy on a propeller screw up to 10% is recorded — the fuel saving are up to 3 to 4% are possible.

More power — For medium and high speeds boats

This equally simple and effective principle to improve the vessel’s power and speed. In contrast with conventional ship’s propeller, – the STORM’s propeller’s concept is equipped with less energy lost on a propellers rotating. The optimum matching of the system with phenomenal results in a considerable increase in efficiency and speed. The STORM’s Propeller is thus the successful optimization of the complete hydrodynamic system and ideally suited as a propulsion concept for all ships in the medium and high speed range with design–related higher propeller loads. This is because the STORM’s technology (SPT – the STORM’s Propeller Technology) reduces the load acting on each individual propeller by reducing the hydro–pressure power over the propellers, thereby increasing the efficiency.

Operating principle of the SPT

The SPT is equipped for a pull propeller and a push propeller. Contraction of the hydro–power stream in the pull propeller means that more water reaches the push propeller from the sides, which further enhances the performance. Moreover the strut is hydro–dynamically optimized and provided with a recovered propeller’s surface arrangement. The swirl energy generated in the propeller stream is thus recovered, leading to an increase in efficiency or speed. The noise and vibration level is significantly reduced, too.

The hydrodynamic principle of SPT

— Distribution of the power to recovered propeller’s surface results in a low propeller load.
— Recovery of the swirl losses of the pull propeller by means of the specially created hydro–dynamically optimized propeller’s surface.

The mechanical principle

Proven power transmission, as there is less or no additional gearbox power needed. sealing package are saved.


  • Substantially higher efficiency than usual Z propeller with any propeller’s wings;
  • Higher power transmission possible ;
  • Lower or no risk of cavitation due to the lower propeller load;
  • Lower pressure fluctuations and noise emissions;
  • Lower mechanical losses of the propeller–engine systems.

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So what we offer you:

Fuel Efficiency, Combustion Efficiency, Propeller & Main Fuel performance Management

By escalating of oil prices and increased environmental awareness, fuel efficient ship and vessel operation is more important for owners, operators and ship managers then before.

PowerFuel as a brand is a decision support for controlling and optimization of fuel efficiency. The service is based on the ship’s improve of engines performance and fuel’s better combustion.

Based on more than 20 years of experience, our service is created to optimise the operation and technical characteristics of hull, propeller, main engine performance, energy storage and management optimization and improvement of fuel combustion efficiency.

The PowerFuel TM Technology provides vessel performance optimization service for more than 100 different vessels, boats and ships. Our service offers owners, operators and ship managers a cost-saving concept for energy and fuel efficient operation of fleets and a consistent engines and gear performance improvement as well of hull, propeller and engine common technical conditions.